WIW: Chunky boots to the office

We've had a bit of icy weather, and I really needed to wear something grippy today.  As I have been for the past week, I started with the boots (The boots that nothing goes with in my work wardrobe), but today, it finally came to me how to balance them out.  Super dark tights, some black socks layered in, and this outfit, which you've seen so many times.  I considered taking some fancier booties or flats to change into, but figured what the heck. WHY BOTHER?

I'm in my own office most of the day, and the crappy weather dictates it (so long as it's not raining, I'm OK with my choice LOL!).

Here are my newest babies...I'm going to be one sad somebody when boot season is over.  Around here, I may get another 2 months...if I'm lucky!


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WIW: Browns and grays

Doing a little color mixing today with chestnuts and grays, it's slightly cool today, so I decided to add gray tights to the mix, and with the tights must go socks...only I couldn't decide on what socks would be office friendly with this combo.  I'm definitely more willing to take fashion risks than I used to be, because the old me would have worn some athletic ankle socks!  I kind of like the stripes on these today though.

This dress is my alternative for the dress posted below in my finds.  I went to BR and tried it on, and it was SUPER short, and at the time, BR didn't have it in a tall.  I bummed around in the sale room and found this faux wrap instead...marked down to $22 with 40% off.  While it looked like a rumpled mess on the hanger, it looked great on, and I knew it would be a handy layering piece this fall.  Bonus find was a (washable) spot on the fabric in the dressing room...this dress ended up being $8!


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WIW: After what seems like forever...

Sorry for my seasonal absence, summer just isn't my season!  Fall and Winter is where I shine!  I'm so unmotivated in the heat + humidity here. 

Well, it seems that longer hemline blouses are FINALLY coming back around!  As someone on the cusp of regular/tall clothing, and busty at that, it's
SO hard to find a top that's long enough to fluidly untuck or better yet, long enough to tuck in and not pop back out. 

Last week, I did the unthinkable, and order clothes online at Ann Taylor
that I had not seen nor tried on in store. **gasp!** It's so NOT me!  I
returned my first shipment of a tragically ill fitted shirtdress (Let's discuss my shirtdress woes in another post this morning...), and didn't have much hope for #2.  Yesterday my sweaters + blouses arrived, and to my surprise, the
cropped sweaters were loose and boxy, and the two cream shell tops I
ordered were long, loose and flowy.  One top had a round shirttail hem, and the other was boxy and square with a collar.  Both sleeveless.  Under the sweaters (same sweater, 2 colors), They give a very different look. 

Running late this morning, I threw together a grey/green/gold combo.  I rather like this, especially since I find it hard to find a sweater that's not giving me the sexy secretary look up top and is relaxed, yet not sloppy with the blouse underneath. 


WIW: To play with my new jacket

So, I totally forgot that today my jacket from the sale was arriving - good thing, or I would have been stalking it!  I didn't get a chance to try this on in store, and in the last hours of the sale, I made a very hasty purchase. I have broad shoulders and a large chest, and it makes jackets tricky, to say the least.  I didn't hold out much hope that it would fit, and if it did - it would probably be boxy - story of my life.

Anyway...I'm in LOVE!!! It fits perfect and is butter soft.  It's lighweight and seems like it will mold to my shape in time. It doesn't have a zipper or buttons, but it stays pretty flat and doesn't gape to the outsides of my chest. The neckline is quite flattering on me, and it's short enough to skim the top of my behind...perfect, because I DON'T need added bulk back there!

Since I was dressed casually, I grabbed the first dress from the closet (gray and black ponte peplum) and threw it on over my electric lime green tank top (Wow, adds a great pop to the gray and black! Must remember).  I threw on the questionably high peep toes (also from NAS) and the jacket.  Probably too edgy for work, but I sure love the jacket and shoes!

I have no idea what I'm smiling at all HUGE in the last pic!


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WIW: Pretty in Pink

We're having an unseasonably cool spell (and by cool I mean 80s w/no humidity!), so I was able to wear a top that's normally in my spring & fall wardrobe.  It's a very light knit sweater, but still normally I wouldn't be caught in this in July!  I even walked to lunch in this!

I love this skirt, but don't really wear it a lot. As a bonus, it's long enough that I'm wearing my Birks today, and I don't think they've been noticed.  :)


WIW: Team Wear!

I tried to resist the NAS this year, but a few things called my name. So much so that I went, tried on and decided against everything except the Zella leggings (had to have!).  But once I got home, some things were still on my mind, particularly these shoes.  I could NOT get them to work in the store. I have a narrow heel and high instep and walk out of all heels.  I went back the next day and a different associate told me that he didn't feel I was wearing the right size.  I've been a comfortable size 10 for almost 10 years now, especially in summer, and especially with pointy heels.  He brought me a 9.5 wide with a no-slip pad under the balls of my feet and it was shoe magic!  No more walking out!  I went for the typical leopard, but left with these instead. They are comfortable, and the open side gives my high arches some space. 

Of course, these were my new fall pumps, but today they were calling my name.  I even mixed up things a little with my new Pleione top.  Normally I wouldn't mix patterns, but I kind of like how they go together (or don't!).  I went back online this morning to order these in leopard, but they don't have my size :(.  So, these will just have to do. I might satisfy my craving by getting the leopard Okalas instead :).

I also have in an outfit I found on the camera from last week.  Pinstripes, Leopard + emerald green accents.  I've all over with my patterns lately!


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WIW: Work Maxi

I bought a really cute maxi last week that I've had my eye on for a few months.  I almost missed it though, as the last available on the rack was my size! 

It's perfect for the weekend with the birks, but I really wanted to wear it today.  A jacket was OUT because it's 80% humidity and a 90+ degree day...positively swampy outside!  All my cardigans ran away (they're all hiding somewhere), and on the fly, I pulled this chambray top and tried this.  Luckily, it worked, and cinched in at my waistline like I wanted for the office.  I've had many compliments today, and I'm glad I went the "extra mile" at the last minute and went for the heels.

I also attached a pic of the dress without the cinch, it's fabulously wide!


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WIW - Old Favorites

In searching for ways to cool off my wardrobe for the hot summer ahead, I put on this shell + fun green pants (you've seen this before).  Because I have a meeting today and didn't want to appear totally dressed down, I added the jacket, and discovered that the 4 buttons on each sleeve were actually able to unbutton and rolled the cuffs.  I took the jacket off soon as soon as I walked into the office, but at least I have it to wear once the meeting begins. 

These shoes may be on their last season - I love them so much, and have yet to find suitable replacement peep toes in my shade of nude.  They are on my "wear sparingly" list, but I have missed them all winter.


WIW: Catching Up

I have been MIA lately because I have zero motivation to pull together anything remotely photo worthy these days!  Summertime is my worst dressing season, I'm definitely a cover up and hide type girl, and when I have to peel away all of my clothing layers, I just lose the motivation.

BUT, I did manage to snap a pic a few weeks ago when I wore the harem pants.  They received mixed reaction, but I don't care, they are SO comfy! I discovered that the stripe in this top was in fact black...not navy, making them the perfect companion.

Today, I pulled out my favorite flowy summer top and my white jeans. Comfy, but only because I haven't been outside, as both tops are silk and bound to stick in the weather we're having today.

Last week I took a casual trip to Nordstroms to browse (which never works out as a browsing only trip). I ended up with my first ever pair of Birks -- I couldn't go full on, these Gizeh's will have to satisfy my check mark beside the "bought trendy/not trendy sandals", I love the metallic brown, but am unsure of their fake leather-ness. We'll see how they hold up, but they're in summer rotation with my Chacos, which are winning by MILES in the comfort race so far.  I am still getting used to the Birk feel.

I also picked up a cute maxi that's thinner than I like AND racerback to boot.  I would love to style this for the office, but I am drawing a blank currently as to if it can even be dressed up (not with the Birks though!).  I do have a really cute vest I may try to pair it with later.  But this one may not be able transition to a good office piece. 

Anyway, good to be back, you all keep me motivated to dress decently and make conscious shopping decisions (most of the time!).


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WIW: Draped top

I picked this up on a whim last week without trying it on (something I never do!).  I love how it drapes in the front and in the back -- I'm not sure if you can see it in my very terrible cell phone pics or not.  I paired it with gold accessories and blush colored shoes w/gold buckles.  Also found my ankle pants, which I am still on the fence about (the length, mostly), I think the shirt makes the proportions of the ankle crop work a lot better with my leg shape.


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