WIW: Fun and Colorful

Yesterday, I was feeling simple again so I threw on black + my fave top.  Added gold + green jewelry to top it off.  I was feeling silly with the poses...pardon me while I try to break up my boring pose streak!

Today, I did what I do so often...I dressed around the shoes I wanted to wear.  I love these, and bought them at the same time as the black Fryes -- but I wear these only half as much.  I just don't go for them like I need to.  Added a purple (wait...are we calling this orchid this year?) dress and the orange cami underneath to hopefully coordinate with the warm cognac boots.  This belt drives me crazy. WHY isn't there another loop to catch the tail???


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WIW: Basics + a poncho

Yesterday was my first day back after a very long break!  I didn't feel like doing anything much, so I threw on a sweater + pants.

Today, it was the coldest weather ever (so they say) at 8 degrees, so I put on the fleece tights (didn't even care that they are purple - I live at my desk anyway!), tall wool ski socks, boots and a poncho.  My legs are pretty warm and I wore in a coat + scarf and changed into the poncho.

Now, this poncho I have wanted since last year and let it pass and this year, it came up again just by chance (one of those clothing trunk sales shows).  It was half off so I jumped.  Of COURSE, once I got it home, I had no idea what to do with it.  It's been in the closet for about two and a half months while I resolved my issues with it.  Normally don't hate ponchos, but they don't really do my shape any favors.  This one is different because the back is tapered, a little fitted and short.  It doesn't make me feel like a block.

Today, with the dress, I think I really like the combo.  On another day, I probably would have worn my reddish boots instead, but the fact that I have on purple tights made me want to stick with black instead. :)


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