WIW: Pretty in Pink

We're having an unseasonably cool spell (and by cool I mean 80s w/no humidity!), so I was able to wear a top that's normally in my spring & fall wardrobe.  It's a very light knit sweater, but still normally I wouldn't be caught in this in July!  I even walked to lunch in this!

I love this skirt, but don't really wear it a lot. As a bonus, it's long enough that I'm wearing my Birks today, and I don't think they've been noticed.  :)


WIW: Team Wear!

I tried to resist the NAS this year, but a few things called my name. So much so that I went, tried on and decided against everything except the Zella leggings (had to have!).  But once I got home, some things were still on my mind, particularly these shoes.  I could NOT get them to work in the store. I have a narrow heel and high instep and walk out of all heels.  I went back the next day and a different associate told me that he didn't feel I was wearing the right size.  I've been a comfortable size 10 for almost 10 years now, especially in summer, and especially with pointy heels.  He brought me a 9.5 wide with a no-slip pad under the balls of my feet and it was shoe magic!  No more walking out!  I went for the typical leopard, but left with these instead. They are comfortable, and the open side gives my high arches some space. 

Of course, these were my new fall pumps, but today they were calling my name.  I even mixed up things a little with my new Pleione top.  Normally I wouldn't mix patterns, but I kind of like how they go together (or don't!).  I went back online this morning to order these in leopard, but they don't have my size :(.  So, these will just have to do. I might satisfy my craving by getting the leopard Okalas instead :).

I also have in an outfit I found on the camera from last week.  Pinstripes, Leopard + emerald green accents.  I've all over with my patterns lately!


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WIW: Work Maxi

I bought a really cute maxi last week that I've had my eye on for a few months.  I almost missed it though, as the last available on the rack was my size! 

It's perfect for the weekend with the birks, but I really wanted to wear it today.  A jacket was OUT because it's 80% humidity and a 90+ degree day...positively swampy outside!  All my cardigans ran away (they're all hiding somewhere), and on the fly, I pulled this chambray top and tried this.  Luckily, it worked, and cinched in at my waistline like I wanted for the office.  I've had many compliments today, and I'm glad I went the "extra mile" at the last minute and went for the heels.

I also attached a pic of the dress without the cinch, it's fabulously wide!


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