WIW: Chunky boots to the office

We've had a bit of icy weather, and I really needed to wear something grippy today.  As I have been for the past week, I started with the boots (The boots that nothing goes with in my work wardrobe), but today, it finally came to me how to balance them out.  Super dark tights, some black socks layered in, and this outfit, which you've seen so many times.  I considered taking some fancier booties or flats to change into, but figured what the heck. WHY BOTHER?

I'm in my own office most of the day, and the crappy weather dictates it (so long as it's not raining, I'm OK with my choice LOL!).

Here are my newest babies...I'm going to be one sad somebody when boot season is over.  Around here, I may get another 2 months...if I'm lucky!


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