WIW: Browns and grays

Doing a little color mixing today with chestnuts and grays, it's slightly cool today, so I decided to add gray tights to the mix, and with the tights must go socks...only I couldn't decide on what socks would be office friendly with this combo.  I'm definitely more willing to take fashion risks than I used to be, because the old me would have worn some athletic ankle socks!  I kind of like the stripes on these today though.

This dress is my alternative for the dress posted below in my finds.  I went to BR and tried it on, and it was SUPER short, and at the time, BR didn't have it in a tall.  I bummed around in the sale room and found this faux wrap instead...marked down to $22 with 40% off.  While it looked like a rumpled mess on the hanger, it looked great on, and I knew it would be a handy layering piece this fall.  Bonus find was a (washable) spot on the fabric in the dressing room...this dress ended up being $8!


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WIW: After what seems like forever...

Sorry for my seasonal absence, summer just isn't my season!  Fall and Winter is where I shine!  I'm so unmotivated in the heat + humidity here. 

Well, it seems that longer hemline blouses are FINALLY coming back around!  As someone on the cusp of regular/tall clothing, and busty at that, it's
SO hard to find a top that's long enough to fluidly untuck or better yet, long enough to tuck in and not pop back out. 

Last week, I did the unthinkable, and order clothes online at Ann Taylor
that I had not seen nor tried on in store. **gasp!** It's so NOT me!  I
returned my first shipment of a tragically ill fitted shirtdress (Let's discuss my shirtdress woes in another post this morning...), and didn't have much hope for #2.  Yesterday my sweaters + blouses arrived, and to my surprise, the
cropped sweaters were loose and boxy, and the two cream shell tops I
ordered were long, loose and flowy.  One top had a round shirttail hem, and the other was boxy and square with a collar.  Both sleeveless.  Under the sweaters (same sweater, 2 colors), They give a very different look. 

Running late this morning, I threw together a grey/green/gold combo.  I rather like this, especially since I find it hard to find a sweater that's not giving me the sexy secretary look up top and is relaxed, yet not sloppy with the blouse underneath.