WIW: Ohh la Looong Pants

Shopping the closet again this morning, I remembered that I had these pants from about 6 years ago, and I remembered Angie's post on floor sweeping pants.  These are so long and so flowy - I used to love them so much!  I added the belt to give some definition, and some green as my dash of holiday spirit.


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WIW: Royal Blue Stripes

I almost forgot that I had this (so glad I didn't!).  Halogen Pencil Skirt + Banana Republic Sweater = perfect match!  I love it when you find a perfect color match when you're not really looking for one!

This skirt would probably appear longer if I didn't have to wear it all the way up to the first navy stripe for it to fit the curves!  I have this skirt in red also, and I don't think it's this short (but I may wear it tomorrow, so we shall see!).

Anyway, even though it's jacked up to there, it's still longer than most pencil skirts, so that is a win in my book.


WIW: Standing Room Only

And I do mean that LITERALLY.  Any time I accidentally grab these pants, it's not until I'm getting in the car that I remember WHY they are stuffed in the back of the closet.  It's because they have lining that's probably a size too small for my thighs!  They fit so nice when I'm standing...but I can't sit OR do stairs...and can barely get in the car. They're a mess.  I have had them for years waiting for "when my thighs get smaller", and they have...the pants are almost falling off at the waist and the thigh is STILL tight.  It's time for them to go.

I'm counting down for another 40 minutes until Ann Taylor opens and I'm running over to get new pants, because right now, I'm teetering on the edge of my chair trying not to cut off circulation :).  I'm pretty sure these pants are the reason I stopped shopping at The Gap! 


WIW: This Week

This week has been super cold, so I havent wanted to wear much more than sweatpants and hoodies...but that's frowned upon at the office :).

1. The Green Velvet makes an appearance, the color is so gorgeous in real life, it just isn't captured so well in photos.  Wearing a b&W shell underneath. 

2.  This outfit was thrown together last minute (as I wasted time watching GMA instead of planning this outfit).  I am not a fan of the combo...I couldn't shake the feeling that I had dressed like Uhura from Star Trek.

3.  Love this dress, I have it in two colors and if Land's End still had any, I'd have it in others as well.  It's so versatile! 


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WIW: The Blues

This photo is what happens when I'm too lazy to find the tripod pieces...but the important stuff is here though.  It's unseasonably warm today (like 80), so this top gets a free day without being worn under a jacket or blazer. Winter is coming...eventually, but until then, I'm easy breezy.


WIW: The Forgotten Skirt

I think one positive thing about having a tiny closet is finding things that were put up in the wrong spot and *missing* for a season or two.  Some closet mining last night produced this long lost fave. The skirt in real life is a warm amber color, with some rust, not as mustard as it looks in the photo.

It's warm today, so I went without tights or hose -- I also couldn't find a suitable nude pair this morning so I went without.  I did stop and buy some *just in case* the naked leg look didn't go over in the office, but I haven't had any second looks. I grabbed the jacket in case it was cool, but have not worn it since I walked in.


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WIW: All of the stripes

Turns out, I'm not as bothered by the multiple stripes as I thought I would be.  Navy and white on top, red crops and navy pumps. 

Funny thing is, last night I was trying so hard to make an outfit work with my red pencil skirt and eventually gave up because nothing looked right.  This morning I woke up and this outfit popped into my head (duh, this could have been my red skirt!!).  Funny how the obvious solution sometimes doesn't hit you until too late.


WIW: Browns, and that shirt again.

Today the weather is nice (near 60), so a good day to pull out my brown ponte dress.  I threw the gold sweater over, and dug out my suede wedges -- which don't get the love they deserve. They're so comfy! Also showing how it looks when I'm outside of the office and on the go.  I probably don't need the jacket today, but it pulls everything together.  I typically wouldnt buy a skirt this short because they just never stay put, but since it's a dress, it seems to be fine today with little dancing up my leg.

Yesterday, I wore the animal print top with a blazer + slacks. This is an end of day photo, which is far more wrinkled than I was early in the day.  This shirt is truly one of those things you buy that seems to just be so easy to pull into an outfit because it goes with everything.  It just might be my top buy of the fall!


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