WIW - Old Favorites

In searching for ways to cool off my wardrobe for the hot summer ahead, I put on this shell + fun green pants (you've seen this before).  Because I have a meeting today and didn't want to appear totally dressed down, I added the jacket, and discovered that the 4 buttons on each sleeve were actually able to unbutton and rolled the cuffs.  I took the jacket off soon as soon as I walked into the office, but at least I have it to wear once the meeting begins. 

These shoes may be on their last season - I love them so much, and have yet to find suitable replacement peep toes in my shade of nude.  They are on my "wear sparingly" list, but I have missed them all winter.

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  • christieanne replied 9 years ago

    Sleeve discovery makes blazer more versatile for warmer weather - and I like the proportions of blazer and ankle pant. I have a hard time getting that right. Do your nude shoes have a bit of heel? Perhaps I need a heel to pull it together. Your outfit has nice color for spring and is lively yet businesslike = good combo! 

  • Lisa replied 9 years ago

    Those shoes are the perfect shade on you.  I also find it a challenge to find the 'right' shade of nude.  Good luck searching!

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    I love this outfit. The pattern somehow looks wonderfully cohesive on you, with the shoes and jacket. The green pants make it a bit unexpected. What a fantastic look. 

  • celia replied 9 years ago

    Love the pop of green.The outfit looks professional and fun.
    When you find a shoe that you love is so hard to let it go, especially if you don't find a suitable replacement.

  • Von replied 9 years ago

    Of all the places I searched for a "caramel nude" shoe, this is from Banana Republic, and is actually comfy. The heel is about 2 inches, which is walkable and they don't pop off my heels like others. 

  • Aida replied 9 years ago

    Lovely pieces in lovely rich colors, I can see why they're favorites! Great outfit. Hope you can find a replacement for those sandals, the color is really super on you. Maybe BR will issue a similar pair.

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    Great jacket - I like the contrasting cuff! 

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