WIW - Old Favorites

In searching for ways to cool off my wardrobe for the hot summer ahead, I put on this shell + fun green pants (you've seen this before).  Because I have a meeting today and didn't want to appear totally dressed down, I added the jacket, and discovered that the 4 buttons on each sleeve were actually able to unbutton and rolled the cuffs.  I took the jacket off soon as soon as I walked into the office, but at least I have it to wear once the meeting begins. 

These shoes may be on their last season - I love them so much, and have yet to find suitable replacement peep toes in my shade of nude.  They are on my "wear sparingly" list, but I have missed them all winter.


WIW: Catching Up

I have been MIA lately because I have zero motivation to pull together anything remotely photo worthy these days!  Summertime is my worst dressing season, I'm definitely a cover up and hide type girl, and when I have to peel away all of my clothing layers, I just lose the motivation.

BUT, I did manage to snap a pic a few weeks ago when I wore the harem pants.  They received mixed reaction, but I don't care, they are SO comfy! I discovered that the stripe in this top was in fact black...not navy, making them the perfect companion.

Today, I pulled out my favorite flowy summer top and my white jeans. Comfy, but only because I haven't been outside, as both tops are silk and bound to stick in the weather we're having today.

Last week I took a casual trip to Nordstroms to browse (which never works out as a browsing only trip). I ended up with my first ever pair of Birks -- I couldn't go full on, these Gizeh's will have to satisfy my check mark beside the "bought trendy/not trendy sandals", I love the metallic brown, but am unsure of their fake leather-ness. We'll see how they hold up, but they're in summer rotation with my Chacos, which are winning by MILES in the comfort race so far.  I am still getting used to the Birk feel.

I also picked up a cute maxi that's thinner than I like AND racerback to boot.  I would love to style this for the office, but I am drawing a blank currently as to if it can even be dressed up (not with the Birks though!).  I do have a really cute vest I may try to pair it with later.  But this one may not be able transition to a good office piece. 

Anyway, good to be back, you all keep me motivated to dress decently and make conscious shopping decisions (most of the time!).


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