WIW: Risky Business

We're having a denim day at work today, and it makes me sad that we can't do it every day.  I'm much more comfortable in denim than in slacks for the most part!

I do like how this came together though.


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WIW: Beachy Nudes

I'm kind of feeling this vibe today!  I grabbed the sweater as an afterthought because it's a little cool in the house today, but I like it better than what I had on originally.  I happened upon this pair of light wash Kut Catherines this week on the sales rack at Nordstrom (love when that happens!).

This is the color I wanted when I purchased my other pair but couldn't find. I paired this with gold flats + accents. I had planned to work at the coffee shop, but it was crowded, so now I'm wasting away at home in a perfectly good outfit :).


WIW: Working my neutrals

I really like how this looks together today!  This skirt is proof that there is life beyond suits for "business skirts".  I bought this skirt on sale at Ann Taylor (deep discount), in hopes that one day, the jacket would go on sale as well. Of course, that never happened and I was left with an orphaned skirt.  It's lighter than the Halogen skirts, so hopefully I can work it into more spring outfits. 

You guys are going to be sick of my oxfords before it's all said and done.  I should probably go ahead and buy a 2nd pair, because I see where this is heading. :)

For my topper this morning, I paired it with my fave combo of my JCrew jacket & leopard scarf. Temps are supposed to be in the low 60s, but I don't plan on being outside anyway, so my legs should be fine.


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WIW: Trying new colors together

I could seriously write a book about lost items of clothing...this shirt jumped out of the armoire while I was digging for a tee shirt - I had forgotten about this one since last spring or early summer. I love this color of coral so much!  I wanted to pair it with something bright -- my choices were cobalt or red pencil skirt. I didn't think I was bold enough to try red + coral, so this was the next best pick.  I wanted to try to de-vamp this look as much as possible, so I added the flats and a jacket, though I'm sitting now with no jacket on because I don't feel as uncomfortable in this as I thought I would. Still feeling like Joan from Mad Men, but oh well!

I've always been one to try to wear pumps and heels because I thought that my legs looked stumpy otherwise, but in reviewing these pics, I think the legs look fine.  I've been running for 2 years, and my previously wimpy calves have finally decided to grow up and be somebody.  I worked in the weight room for years to beef up my calves and it never really took, so I'm proud of my borderline wide calves these days because they balance out my upper legs.

I also threw in a pic from Saturday -- it was low 60s and rain expected, and we were heading for a day at the children's museum. I couldn't pass up a chance to wear my new purple chacos...even though they may look clunky with the BF jeans. They matched my sweater perfectly!  I bought TWO pairs of brightly colored Chacos to replace my favorite brown pair (RIP runaway Chacos!). I expect any day now for them to turn up, since I have not one, but two replacement pairs.


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WIW - Long Lost Friend

You ladies know how it is...certain items of clothing get lost, go on closet hiatus or are misplaced by husbands!  I haven't seen this red shirt in months (maybe even since early fall!).  Wearing it today makes me realize how much I love the ease of it.  It's light, breezy, fairly wrinkle resistant, and best of all has snap buttons.  I hope to find a few more of these types of tops for the spring, as they seem to work better tucked in than a more structured shirt.

Repeating these pants again before it gets too hot, as they are truly heavy, winter weight slacks. 


WIW: Warming up to the oxfords

Today is still only my 2nd wear from these, and I really can see myself buying another pair of these in a different color.  They're very soft and comfortable - I even walked across campus in them today (that never happens in work shoes!).

Yesterday, I wore them with the new boyfriends, also on their first trip out.  I'm pleased that these Kut jeans have some give, but were not falling off my behind by the end of the day.  I hate overly stretchy pants, and these passed the test, even though I spend 3 hours in the car yesterday.

Today, I was having a style dilemma and quickly went with the green pants + this top. It works OK, though it's not how I really wanted to style the shoes on their first trip to the office. I'm pretty sure I lost a pair of black capris somewhere along the line...but the pop of green works with the very warm day we're having here.


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WIW: Pants and plaid

I'm so tired of winter weather.  I'm beyond over this cold weather.  On a more positive note, I rediscovered a really nice pair of pants in the closet. (whohoo!).  I should probably take time this spring to clean out my closet and try to simplify my collection of pants, I have too many bad pants hiding my good pairs!

As far as wintertime hits and misses, this vest has been a definite hit.  It's one of the few pieces that has worked out exactly the way I thought that it would when I purchased it (versatility, and number of mix and match opportunities in the closet).  Definitely going to stick around for another winter!


WIW: Black and Blue

After searching all winter for a nice dressy blouse to wear with my red animal print pencil skirt, I punked out this morning because I thought it looked too va va voom.  I have seriously been holding the skirt since September or October to wear!  In a last minute rush, I grabbed this skirt instead.  I like the look, but personally, I'm not a tucker, so I'm feeling like sitting at the desk all day to hide out. :).

I also put on my fun tights for a little something unexpected.  Why not, right?


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WIW: The problem boyfriend

Today's boyfriend is a bit of a mess, and I hate him. To be fair, I got these from the thrift store for like $3, so I shouldn't complain at all.

Perhaps I should take these to a tailor for help - but I don't know if they can fix the problem.  It seems like the waistband and the rise aren't working so well with the cut of the legs, and it creates a very bad ploof in the waist area. It's not flattering at all!  I wonder if it can be helped at the tailor, or if I should find a new BF. See my handy pink markups on Pic 2.

In searching for a new BF at lunchtime though, I realized that either I have elephant thighs, or they are making pants in my size with teensy thighs, because out of 5 pairs, I could pull up exactly ZERO of them past my knee. And these are BF cuts in my waist size. Does anyone have a rec for someone who makes boyfriends with roomy thighs? I can't do skinny BFs, straight, or narrow. 

I'm ok with these thighs until shopping day!


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WIW: Out of my zone

This outfit rests right in the middle of my "discomfort zone" - a buttoned up shirt tucked into pants + a belt.  My shirts never stay tucked, and the hourglass shape isn't the best with waist belts in pants (see photo 2 of what happens in the back - it feels sloppy to me).  I would LOVE for a belt to stay on track and not go creeping up my back, but that doesn't happen.

It's mid-afternoon now, and I don't look as frumpy as I thought I would by this point in the day, but it takes a lot of effort to stay tucked and make sure my buttons haven't popped and the belt isn't being weird.

I think my main issue is that I have a lingering lower belly pooch that I hate, and in some pants it's way more noticeable than in these today (thankfully!). It's the one thing that if it were gone, I'd never complain about anything else!



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