WIW: Festive orange

Ok, so this really isn't festive for Halloween today, but the best I could do was mix it up with the orange. The belt is probably my all time favorite thrift store find, it doesn't get better than a $2 Gold and navy butterfly belt!

The maxi is from Ann Taylor, and I try to find ways to make the look office friendly rather than casual weekend skirt.  I usually pair with blouses and belts or jackets. This skirt is one of those things that gets lost in the closet, I haven't seen it in about a month, and when I saw it this morning, it was an easy outfit maker.

Not quite sure what's going on in my 2nd pic with the necklace, but it's a clearer pic than the 1st and shows the true colors better.


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I really do have greater plans for these shoes than black and white outfits, but honestly, I am a bright color person, so I don't wear B&W all that much. I planned for red pants this morning, and I didn't like the combo so much, but this was easy. 

I've realized that on me, I can't wear pants that say "SKINNY" pants because my legs look like wrapped drumsticks, but with a little experimentation, I've discovered that structured pants with a bit of stretch that are marked as "Straight leg" look the way I always want skinnies to look - so perhaps with this new knowledge, I can shop for some skinny jeans in the fall and have better luck.  I need some cropped straight legs, because these shoes are begging to be worn with jeans.

Anyways, this is one of my fave jackets because it has a tiny lapel, and one hook that's at the narrow part of my waist.  The shirt is pleated and a bit flowy, but has a wide black waist band that stops right above my hips. I think the amount of fluidity and movement is just enough to make me not seem huge up top. 

Anyway - I am the worst poser in the history of posing...which sucks since I'm a photographer. I should be better *slinking off to go *Vogue* in the bathroom mirror or something...*


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WIW: Green + Leopard remix

I wore this to church yesterday, I felt all edgy.  The green is a nice velveteen, and I used the green belt that came from my capris to pull it all together.  The collar on this jacket wasn't sure what it wanted to do - it seemed like it would stay up, but ended up flopping down nicely in the end.

I also included a pic of my little photographer because I like his yellow + gray. He usually moans and groans over taking the pics, but I must say, he does a really good job at his age!


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WIW: Past Time

My mother would have a fit if she saw this....and I'm waiting on the fashion police as we speak, but it feels good to not have these put away in the "not until spring" section of the closet.  I will be wearing these again this fall and winter!  My coworker just stepped in and said "Oooooh white pants! You're brave!"


WIW: Basic Blues

This is one of those boring outfits that come together last minute, and I almost didn't post it...but I actually like how slim these pants make my hips look.  The blue top has an exposed gold zipper going all the way down the side, so it's not a totally boring shirt - its actually one of my faves.  I get hot easily, so I wear shells + toppers usually all winter long.

Running out this morning, I grabbed my blue scarf and the field jacket. I usually don't double up my scarf color w/my shirt color (because I have problems), but I couldn't find the black one.


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WIW: Double Win! Navy + Orange and Pattern

This is one of my favorite dresses + one of my favorite (and least worn) pairs of shoes.  I love this dress because I have worn just about every color cami under this and made it work.  Today, it's orange, a nice bright pop on a gloomy day.  The shoes are moccasin styled suede pumps that I bought years ago and rarely wear.  Paired with orange and gold jewelry. I absolutely love the pattern on this wrap dress, it hides what it needs to hide and shows off what it needs to show off. It's perfect year-round.

These shoes are one of those things I wear maybe 1x per year.  All wisdom says that means they need to be cleared out for things I'd wear more, but I think they're too interesting to toss. 

Paired with my very dark Dooney satchel.  This was the darkest "natural" I have ever seen and the color matches so many of my fall clothes and shoes.


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WIW: Boot Weather

I had on my first ever pair of "leggings as more than workout pants" and paired them with browns and oranges.  I must say...they're pretty comfy and not see through.  I went with the Simply Vera Pencil leggings in black. I'm on the fence about the lines directing traffic over my curvy legs, but in the end, I liked the fabric content better than the plain. They have more synthetics than cotton, which I figured would lead to less color fading in the wash - and hopefully less pills.

Favorite slouchy brown sweater + my FauxFrye boots from Target.  I must say, the FauxFryes have been worth their $$ and then some - for $39 (4 years ago), they have broken in nicely and I don't feel bad wearing them in questionable weather.  Hopefully, I'll get some black ones this year.  In comparison to the real thing, these have a wider shaft, which I really like.


WIW: Not So Casual Friday

Not my typical Friday wear, since I telecommute, but I love these trouser jeans from Ann Taylor.

Also, wearing my new booties...the rubber on the sole really makes them more walkable.  Loose on the ankles, but people assure me that's what booties do. 

They were one of my two choices..and then they went on sale - which kind of sealed the deal, but I can't stop thinking about my other choice, which I reeeeally love.


WIW: For lots of walking

I knew that today I'd be all over, and I wanted something easy.  This outfit seemed to fit the bill - of course, when I look at the photos, it looks different than I thought it looked. The top is very billowy and could probably stand to be belted - so, I tried with a skinny belt and it looked all wrong. Though now looking at the photo, it doesn't look as wrong as it felt- probably because I always dress to disguise the lower ab/poochy area, and I felt exposed because this isn't tunic length.

On a positive note, I do like the combination of tiny animal print + emerald green together.  I'll definitely pair this together again, with mods. Wearing gold + green accessories with my favorite gold Sam Edleman flats.


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WIW: Quick and Easy

I was in a rush this morning, and this is about as much fun as I had time to put together. These are new pants (boring, plain, and uncomplicated) that I happened to pick up last week.  I like the faux leather details on the shirt, and plan to try this belted and also tucked in in the future to see if that makes it look a little more streamlined.

In looking at the photos, I think these pants are too short.  I am such the "pants police". They seemed much longer looking down - I guess the search will continue for basic pants for heels. I find that my leg looks less blocky with a longer line. Maybe these will be reserved for flats.


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