WIW: Standing Room Only

And I do mean that LITERALLY.  Any time I accidentally grab these pants, it's not until I'm getting in the car that I remember WHY they are stuffed in the back of the closet.  It's because they have lining that's probably a size too small for my thighs!  They fit so nice when I'm standing...but I can't sit OR do stairs...and can barely get in the car. They're a mess.  I have had them for years waiting for "when my thighs get smaller", and they have...the pants are almost falling off at the waist and the thigh is STILL tight.  It's time for them to go.

I'm counting down for another 40 minutes until Ann Taylor opens and I'm running over to get new pants, because right now, I'm teetering on the edge of my chair trying not to cut off circulation :).  I'm pretty sure these pants are the reason I stopped shopping at The Gap! 

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  • replied 8 years ago

    Hahah! Sorry to laugh but I have done that so many times. I hope you find a good pair to replace them today.

  • Catnip replied 8 years ago

    I understand the feeling.  There's nothing worse than an item of clothing that is too tight. 

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 8 years ago

    Yeah... I'm chuckling as well.... been there, done that!   Only with skirts.

    But you look great!   Take comfort in that, until AT opens and you have an end to your misery.   :)   

  • Peri replied 8 years ago

    On the positive side...love that sweater! My favorite color and it looks great on you.

  • MuseumGal replied 8 years ago

    I have a similar problem except it's with waistbands cutting off my circulation even though the pants are baggy in the butt.  Still you look great, and I hope you find a pair to replace them.

  • kkards replied 8 years ago

    i have a pair of shoes like that, when i first put them on, they feel great, but by the time i leave work, i'm ready to walk out the door barefoot.  and yet, i can't seem to remember to get rid of them.
    but i agree with peri, that sweater is a great color on you.

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    So frustrating! But hey, you look great....I just love the colour of the top. One of my personal favourites. 

  • Alexandra replied 8 years ago

    OMG, so funny! Well, frustrating for you but funny to read. I hope AT had exactly what you needed.

  • replied 8 years ago

    Oh, dear! Shame because the flare and colour suit you. I love grey with purple tones.

  • ATLynn replied 8 years ago

    They do look fantastic.  Maybe cut the lining out and save them for spring?

  • Greyscale replied 8 years ago

    I have some standing-room-only jeans! They feel fine til I sit down, and then after a while my knees are aching and I never remember why.

  • gryffin replied 8 years ago

    Oh Von, you poor thing!!  Lining tourniquet syndrome!!!  Not fun!!  The pants so look good on you, is it worth it to have the lining redone?  Otherwise a visit to AT (who called it the mothership?) sounds like a good plan!!  Good luck especially with the "sit' test!!

  • replied 8 years ago

    Yes! Greyscale, mine is mostly knee problems too. I hate feeling like my kneecaps are bruised! I think that is why I usually eschew jeggings. Been burned too many times!

  • Sam replied 8 years ago

    OMG this is exactly my ongoing problem with pants!

    I have large thighs, party from being overweight, partly from genetics, and partly from doing a lot of squats in my workouts. I'm actually quite proud of my thighs, especially with the gains I've made in terms of strength lately, etc., but MAN they make shopping a nightmare. (Especially since I need 35-36in inseams, depending on the cut!)

    Every single pair of my pants goes to the tailor, and every single time she and I laugh about how the waist and hips will need to come in 5+ inches each.

    (And now that I'm done making this all about me, please let me add how nice I think your outfit is, fit issue notwithstanding. The sweater looks lovely on you, and the color combination is very well chosen.)

  • Von replied 8 years ago

    Sam, I have the very same problem, slim fitting pants have been a thorn in my side! I made it to AT at opening time and for my 'just running in real quick', I tried on 9 pairs of pants...one fit. Pants shopping is the worst! To top it off, I had a coworker with me whom I'm sure was rethinking coming along! In the end...I ended up with some very pricy replacement gray pants, but they feel great and make me look slim, so I'm happy!

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Von and Sam, two words only: fluid fit! I have the same thigh problem (and long inseam) so now I go for slouchy fit - mush more comfortable and fashion forward!
    This sweater color looks spectacular on you!

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    I have a jacket with sleeves like this.  I know I could easily cut the lining out and hem at the shoulder line.  But then, the tight lining makes my arms look smaller.  Never mind that I can't move them above my waist.  Tee.

    Hope you got yourself sorted!

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    I hear you. Why is it they seem to cut the lining of some garments one size smaller than the actual garment? Hope you fiend a nice new pair, and this outfit does look good despite the discomfort.

  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    Other than Having a tight lining, the pants look great. As others said, could you cut out the lining? You could wear them with tights or silk long underwear bottoms instead.

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    I hate when I can feel the lining of pants pulling.  You look great however - just keep on standing!

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