WIW: To find my gear...

I can't wear it to the office, but on days when I'm working from home, I wear jeans and a hoodie or a long sleeved tee...and throw on a vest for errands.  I love this vest, but it does my figure no favors.  I look like a block!  The white vest must be a different size, because I didn't look nearly as big in it. Time to find a thinner down vest. 

I discovered thinner materials w/zips or half zips in the front are warm, but still flattering to my figure and don't hide all of the curves.  This one is a Smartwool long-sleeved pullover, and though it's as thin and comfy as a tee shirt, it's really warm.  My favorite Keens + fun socks top off the look for sitting in my office all day long and watching the cold drizzle. They look like brown clown shoes, but feel so good! 

Today I found all of the pieces for my remote setup for my camera - you can't see my excitement, but it means I might actually get a family photo for holiday cards this year! Whohoo!

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  • Hestonian replied 7 years ago

    Cute look, and I love your fun socks. I don't think the vest makes you look "blocky" at all!

  • Refugee replied 7 years ago

    I run into a similar problem with vests. I have found it isn't so much the bulk of the vest but the cut at the shoulder.  Vests where the shoulder is cut in a bit more really helps mitigate what I call the SpongeMom SquarePants look.  With the vest you have on, there is pretty much a straight line from the top of the shoulder down to the hem of the vest.  If the shoulder was cut in a bit more, the vertical line would start under your armpit.  May I suggest (as a test run) you tuck the shoulders in and see if this makes the same difference for you as it does for me?

  • replied 7 years ago

    Are those Presidio Keen's? I have the same ones :)

    You look cozy and curvy to me.

  • MuseumGal replied 7 years ago

    When I'm cold I don't care if I look like a hippopotamus.  That said, that 1st pic is waaaaay flattering.  Love the Keens and the socks.

  • Von replied 7 years ago

    Ceit, yes they are the Presidios, they have the best arch support inside!

    Refugee -- I am sure you're right, the vest is a few sized big (great for bulky sweater, but roomy for a thin shirt), and it appears to have no shape at all, it's not curved at the waist or anything. I've seen a few nice ones with interior belts or bungees that I think would fit better.

  • DonnaF replied 7 years ago

    I am a complete vest lover!  I think lots of rows of stitching, esp. in a chevron, help with flattery; same with  a zipper and an attached hood to give a *V*.  Lands End has a ton of down vests this year, incl. polka dots!  I just bought a pewter Bernardo vest from Nordstrom so it would be hard for me to justify more. . .

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    The Keens are great. Overall, a great look - even the blocky vest is hip, if not exactly figure enhancing... :D

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