WIW: NO-vember Contenders

So far so good in no repeat November, though I think weekends are going to be my big challenge this month. So far through the week, I've been good.

1-2  Red, Black and white - cool enough for a scarf outside in the morning, but too toasty for the jacket in the office. These pants I really love - they're from Macy's Charter Club line and I see a few more pairs in my future to take the place of my Banana Republic slacks. Excuse my camera grain, I think I have it set on low resolution and that just won't do!

3.  Though yesterday's high was 70, I said screw it and put on the wrap dress w/tights and boots.  I was being last minute and got stuck in this outfit as my *dressing time* clock ran out! It worked well because it was cloudy. 

4. Working from home - at the coffee shop to meet friends :).  Taking advantage of my little photog. He was digging the back lighting!  I typically would be more dressed down but met friends for coffee.  Again, let the time clock run out as I was experimenting with a long lost green shirt (oh wow! Where have you been? It was March when I saw you last!). Added my old trusty butterfly belt, gold accessories and shoes and threw on the gray ponte blazer as an afterthought, but I really like how it looks together. Will repeat in December as a work outfit with my trouser jeans. 


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WIW: The weird sweater

When I bought this sweater, I thought it was great, but as time goes on, I'm starting to wear it less and less.  I think it's the odd neckline combined with the fitted waist.  It makes me feel like I have massive shoulders. 

Today I tried to balance it out by wearing a top underneath and rolling up the sleeves and adding some wide leg pants.  I like the two tops  together, and in the future, would venture to try this combo with my black ankle crops instead.


WIW: Autumn Tones

You guys are going to get sick of this jacket before it's all said and done, but it seriously goes with everything, and since we have mild fall & winter, the unlined jacket is great. It's setting itself up to be best wardrobe purchase of Fall 2013 in my book. 

Anyway, on with the show.  These are my straight leg jeans that fit me like skinnies, paired with a thin v-neckmerino sweater with an orange tank underneath.  I like the tones of the yellow and orange with the boots and bag.  The jacket and scarf just kind of mellow out all of the caramel going on.

I think overall, It's too tight to wear anywhere without the jacket, not until I lose some belly fat, but today was only errands, so I was comfortable. 


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